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This conference will ignite the necessity of and demonstrate the successful global applications of innovative education in digital era.

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Our Courses

Become Scrum@Scale Practitioners

Why should you become a Scrum@Scale Practitioner, Scrum Master, Product Owner or an eduScrum Certified Teacher at Agile in Education USA?

You can make yourself more qualified by joining our Scrum@Scale Practitioner, Registered Scrum Master™ (RSM) Certification, Registered Product Owner (RPO) and eduScrum SHU HA RI learning path courses from anywhere in the world including Bangladesh, India Pakistan at an affordable cost.

Our honorable founder and the team lead, Prof. Hana Siddiquee has been trained directly by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of SCRUM, creator of Scrum@Scale, and a signatory of Agile manifesto, the founder of Scrum Inc. and his team.  She was one of only eight[8] invited participants to have been selected for the prestigious program offered exclusively at Scrum Inc.!

She has more than ten years of training, coaching and consulting experience.

Prof. Hana Siddiquee is a eduScrum Certified Trainer at eduScrum Inc.. She had been trained directly by Willy Wijnands, the creator of eduScrum and the founder of eduScrum Inc., and the principal trainer at eduScrum Inc.!! 

Heartwarming Testimonials

From our Registered SCRUM MASTERS(RSM)!!

  • "I just completed the 2-day Scrum Master Training from Hana Siddiquee. The experience was way beyond my expectation. It was a 16 hours' intensive training split into two consecutive days. However, I can speak on behalf of all the participants without any doubt and exception that we never felt even a slightest bit of stress, monotony, boredom or dragged, rather we were inspired to hearing even more from her. I suggest all my acquaintances to get this training from Hana Siddiquee if you have the slightest interest in Scrum as you will be enlightened with a complete dimension of practicing Agile Scrum."

  • “I came to know about Hana Siddiquee from the 2nd agile in education global virtual conference organized by Agile in Education USA. Later I found an opportunity to attend a 2-day long 16-hour schooling training session on Scrum facilitated by Hana. I'm really impressed to learn her capacity as a trainer. Her participatory engagement approach is excellent. I feel myself blessed for finding an opportunity to be connected with her through social media. I wish her a total success here and hereafter.”

  • "Prof. Siddiquee is an amazing teacher. Her Scrum Master training was both thorough and useful. As a fellow educator she is particularly adept at applying Scrum practices and Agile mindset to education and to classroom practices! I highly recommend seizing every opportunity to learn from her!"

  • “I had Professor Hana Siddiquee as my coach in the Scrum Master course. Hana has excellent teaching skills, combined with a deep knowledge of Scrum Master, and its application, specially in the academic area.”

  • “I was very lucky to have taken a Scrum, Inc. Scrum Master class for which Hana was an instructor. Her experience as an educator and her work with Agile in Education dovetail wonderfully - Hana explains principles with the clarity of a true educator, which is only augmented by her practical application of Scrum in higher education. Even after the classes, Hana has continued to be a strong source of encouragement and mentorship. Highly recommended.”

  • “Hana has an extreme mastery of all of the covered Scrum Master topics and also an impressive lineage within the world of Lean, Agile and project management. With that said she remains humble and relatable. Hana is also able to present the material in a way that is both entertaining and helps with retention. Highly recommended!!”

Testimonials from our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students!

  • "Amazing course this course has to be taught to all majors if it isn’t being done so already... professor Islam is amazing and definitely sets the bar.”

  • “Professor Islam was an excellent professor, and extremely informative. It was an absolute pleasure being a student in her class.”

  • “When I first started this course I was unsure what to expect, however, with the clear guidance and instructions given by Prof Hana has made the process much easier and I will highly recommend her to any student in the future.”

  • “Professor!!! I cannot begin to thank you enough, and I really mean it. Again, I know this is through no fault but my own, I do let work come before school at times and this is something that I need to balance, this hospitality field is not easy. I also wanted to say again thank you for being so understanding throughout the semester, you were a big help, I genuinely mean it, I wish I had more professors like you (lol). Thank you again! All the best.”

  • “Perfect professor for the subject, professor help through whole semester also understand the ability of student as well. Like to study with the same professor in next semester.”

  • “Perfect professor for the subject, professor help through whole semester also understand the ability of student as well. Like to study with the same professor in next semester.”

  • “In the beginning of this course I was so confused and I had no idea about these formulas and excel but with help of Professor. Hana I was able to learn those things very easily. She is very confident, and she had in-depth knowledge about this subject. Because of her constant motivation and encouragement, I was able to understand the subject thoroughly... Thank you..”

  • ”…..I am writing you to thank you for a wonderful class[….]. I have had a tough semester by far this spring but through all my very personal and sensitive situation involving my children I have tried to stay as focused as humanly possibly because of this class along with my MG305 class I take with you has proven to be not only informative but vital to my future success as a business professional. I will be keeping my books and reading them over (just in case I missed anything). Thank you again and I hope that you have great rest of your (grading free) summer. I might not have been your best student, but definitely one well appreciated of the courses.”

  • “…This is my third course - Marketing Analytics, of the MBA program with Professor Hana after Data Mining and Supply Chain Management last semester. I am so glad that I listen to my advisor Mr …. and add one more concentration to my MBA program and met professor Hana. She is a great mentor with so much experience and expertise in Business Analytics. From the various classes, I took with her I learn a lot and add skills to the resume I never had before. I highly recommend professor Hana at Monroe King Graduate School for any new students who are interested in Business Analytics. I also look forward to taking 'Decision Modeling for Managers' course with Professor Hana as I experienced, she has a great interest and knowledge in the subject. Thank you Sincerely- “

Students using scrum in the classroom!

Our Achievements

E & F Commerce Business Summit and Womens Entrepreneur Awards 2021

E & F Commerce Business Summit and Women’s Entrepreneur Awards 2021

Got acknowledged as one of the 

Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Agile (May 2022) 

Thinkers360 is the world’s first, largest and premier B2B thought leader and influencer marketplace — including academics, advisors, analysts, authors, consultants, executives, influencers and speakers — with over 100M followers on social media combined. 


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A Message from Agile in Education Africa (AiEA) by Prof.(Dr) Mohammad Israr, Vice Chancellor

DrMohammad Israr , Vice Chancellor, Mewar International University (MIU), Nigeria, joins Agile in Education USA global network as the Chapter Lead
Agile in Education Africa (AiEA), a chapter under Agile in Education USA!! Congratulations and welcome aboard!! 🎉🌷
A message by Prof.(Dr) Mohammad Israr, Vice Chancellor, Mewar International University, Nigeria and Agile in Education Africa (AiEA) Chapter Lead, A member of Board of Directors AiEUSA, Agile in Education United State of America (AiEUSA), Volume 2, Issue 3, Page number-5, Published on February 26, 2022.

Registered Scrum Program by Scrum Inc.

Are you a SM, PO or an IT PM but don’t have the right Agile Scrum credentials?
🛑STOP Googling and YouTubing how to do Scrum. Join our training and learn TRUE SCRUM!
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2-days Registered Scrum Master(RSM) by Scrum Inc. Training 

Registered Product Owner(RPO) by Scrum Inc.Prep program

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