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Prof. Hana  Siddiquee has been trained directly by Dr. Jeff Sutherland and his core team. The Registered Scrum@Scale Trainer(RS@ST) and Registered Scrum Trainer (RST) are prestigious programs offered exclusively by Scrum Inc.. Prof. Hana Siddiquee was among only eight [8] invited participants selected for this program.

Prof. Hana Siddiquee is an academic and a graduate program developer. She has more than 20 years of industry experience and more than 10 years of teaching, training, coaching, and consulting experience.  She teaches mostly MBA and Information Systems Management courses in the USA.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-516-435-0403 skype or email: at any time.

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The Way I Teach My Clients

1:1 Class

Personalized interaction, immediate feedback, and a supportive learning environment for your academic success.

Face to Face Coaching

Join our program for engaging and effective face-to-face classes that empower you to achieve your goals with personalized guidance

Group Class

Group classes foster collaboration, providing diverse perspectives and collective motivation, enhancing your learning experience.

Group Class

You gain social skills, build friendships, and benefit from shared insights, creating a dynamic and enriching educational community.

Executive Class

Elevate your leadership skills with Executive Class, receiving personalized coaching & strategic insights to excel in your career.

Executive Class

In Executive Class, gain a competitive edge with exclusive insights and networking opportunities, propelling your career to new heights.

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.

"Prof. Siddiquee is an amazing teacher. Her Scrum Master training was both thorough and useful. As a fellow educator she is particularly adept at applying Scrum practices and Agile mindset to education and to classroom practices! I highly recommend seizing every opportunity to learn from her!"
Heather Cowap, MS, MEd, RSM
Curriculum Developer
“I was very lucky to have taken a Scrum, Inc. Scrum Master class for which Hana was an instructor. Her experience as an educator and her work with Agile in Education dovetail wonderfully - Hana explains principles with the clarity of a true educator, which is only augmented by her practical application of Scrum in higher education. Even after the classes, Hana has continued to be a strong source of encouragement and mentorship. Highly recommended.”
Dominick Bruno
IT Specialist
“I came to know about Hana Siddiquee from the 2nd agile in education global virtual conference organized by Agile in Education USA. Later I found an opportunity to attend a 2-day long 16-hour schooling training session on Scrum facilitated by Hana. I'm really impressed to learn her capacity as a trainer. Her participatory engagement approach is excellent. I feel myself blessed for finding an opportunity to be connected with her through social media. I wish her a total success here and hereafter.”
Dr. Farid Sobhani
"I just completed the 2-day Scrum Master Training from Hana Siddiquee. The experience was way beyond my expectation. It was a 16 hours' intensive training split into two consecutive days. However, I can speak on behalf of all the participants without any doubt and exception that we never felt even a slightest bit of stress, monotony, boredom or dragged, rather we were inspired to hearing even more from her. I suggest all my acquaintances to get this training from Hana Siddiquee if you have the slightest interest in Scrum as you will be enlightened with a complete dimension of practicing Agile Scrum."
Nehreen Majed



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