Shaun King

Jeffery Shaun King is a left-of center political activist and social media personality. His 2014 Twitter-based coverage of the police-shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has been credited with helping create momentum for the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, King used social media as a mobilizing tool for religious and charitable projects, and to build a personal following. His online influence and contributions in publications such as the DailyKos and New York Daily News have raised his profile as an activist on racial issues in America.

King’s rising profile has come with criticism for his methods and rhetoric. In 2018, a Texas state trooper was exonerated by body-camera footage after King circulated false accusations that the officer had raped a black woman during a DWI stop. 2 During the 2020 civil unrest following the death of George Floyd, King controversially suggested that statues and depictions of a “white Jesus” constituted “racist propaganda and should be torn down as “a form of white supremacy.” 3 King also claimed in 2020 that a Facebook group of California law enforcement officers was plotting to kill him.​